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At Kings of Connemara we believe in being fully transparent about the quality, traceability and sustainability of our produce.

We operate in a small, inshore fishery where the fishermen use sustainable fishing methods like pot fishing and v-notching to prevent unnecessary overfishing of the Irish shellfish stocks.

  • Pot fishing is a more benign method of fishing which allows for the live release of unwanted or undersize catch and as such it is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of fishing there is.

  • V-notching is a method used to ensure the sustainability of Irish lobster stocks which involves the removal a small V-shaped notch from the tail of a female lobster which are then returned to the sea. By carrying out this procedure our fishermen ensure that the lobsters have a chance to breed numerous times as it take three years for the notch to grow out and notched lobsters cannot be landed or sold.

We comply fully with minimum size restrictions for all shellfish, ensuring that we do not buy produce that is too young or too small.

The wild Atlantic weather and seasonal produce means that fishing is largely limited to summer months, but our tidal sea ponds, which fill up with the clean waters of the west coast of Ireland, allow us to store our catch in a natural environment all year round. This ensures that we can keep delivering a premium standard of produce to our customers all year round.

Our staff uses their expertise and professionalism to ensure that our ponds remain wild and not overworked. The result of this is an organic, natural and premium range of shellfish.


Lobster Pots



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