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The tidal ponds, located on the tip of the Aughrus peninsula in Cleggan, have been in operation since the 1930s. Their tidal nature means that the ponds are refreshed regularly with the crisp clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The ponds provide a stress free, natural and organic method of storage and we ensure that they are never overcrowded.


Our specialist fleet of Vivier trucks are used for the collection and delivery of our shellfish. Vivier trucks contain tanks filled with clean, chilled and aerated water, which keep the shellfish alive, and in excellent condition until they reach a range of markets in Ireland and abroad.

Supply Chain

At the Kings of Connemara we like to keep the links in our supply chain simple and refined so that the produce we bring to you is of the highest quality.

We buy our shellfish fresh from the boats of local fishermen meeting them as they bring their catch to the pier. Shellfish for the local market is packed into polyboxes and is transported directly to local businesses.

Our wholesale continental customers are serviced once a week via our fleet of specialised Vivier Trucks. The fish are purchased, prepared and packed on a Saturday for delivery to our customers early the following week. Our specialised fleet allows us to deliver our product in the same condition as they left our shores.

Improved air transport links now mean that it is possible to deliver, live shellfish in peak conditions to the Middle East and Asian markets within 24 hours. This is a market we intend to explore further in 2014.

For local and international markets

For local and international markets

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